A New Generation of Business Intelligence

As a Certified Partner of Microsoft’s Power BI (Business Intelligence), ScanWriter leverages the power of automated data capture and data visualization providing a single solution approach to data analytics and deeper business intelligence.

ScanWriter and Power BI are a set of techniques and tools for transforming files into meaningful insights. From data capture and data standardization to building and exposing complex data models and report creating. ScanWriter converts any paper or PDF document into Excel, structuring and transforming data into the right format every time. Data doesn’t need adjusting and files are quickly ready for analysis and reporting. Then Power BI turns data into easy to understand – valuable case information.


powerbi1   Quick Start Your Data Capture and Data Analytics Process

powerbi2   Receive Immediate Answers When You Visualize, Explore and Derive Insights from Data

powerbi3  Grow Your Business with 90% More Time and Increasing Demand