Hosting ScanWriter Cloud FAQ

Q1: What type of QuickBooks transactions does ScanWriter support?
ScanWriter supports Bills, Checks, Credit Card Charges, Credit Card Credits, Deposits, Estimates, Invoices, Received Payments, Journal Entries, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Receipts, and all other QuickBooks transactions.

Q2: Will ScanWriter work with my bank?
Yes, we work with all major credit cards and banks. See Features & Benefits for a list of financial institutions that ScanWriter currently supports.
New banks and credit cards are added to ScanWriter’s Document Library upon client request.

Q3: What version of QuickBooks does ScanWriter support? What version of Excel?
ScanWriter supports Microsoft Excel 2003 or later. QuickBooks versions supported are Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Canadian 2006-2012.

Q4: If I have any questions how do I get help?
Personable Inc. will provide the initial training for the use of ScanWriter along with ongoing support to answer any questions you may have.

Q5: What are the minimum system requirements?
Any PC which has broadband Internet connection and Internet Explorer 6.0 or later version. If you are a Mac user, please click here to go to the Compatibility help page.

Q6: Will you provide a virtual storage drive? And if so, what is the capacity?
YES. A secure virtual drive will be provided, with at least 7 GB of storage free of charge, depending on subscription plan selected. Additional storage can be purchased.

Q7: Will I be able to save the work that I’ve done on the virtual desktop into my local computer drive? Or does it only stay in the virtual desktop?
YES. You will be able to save your work on your local drive.

Q8: Will my information stored on the virtual desktop be secure?
YES. We adhere to the same security standards used in the financial and defense industries so you can be confident that you have the best in security and reliability for your data.

Q9: Can I have multiple users log on to the same account at the same time?
NO. Only one user can login at one time. Every user should use his own account with his own login email and password.