How It Works

With Personable’s patented technology, you have an instant virtual network to connect Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Data Entry people, in different locations with no overhead and no delays. Anyone who knows anything about the Avast vs Express debate regarding VPNs will be more than aware of their importance.

Personable gives you the ability to use the latest versions of ScanWriter utilizing our state-of-the-art technology and security, without the risks and costs associated with maintaining and upgrading IT infrastructures. If you would like some services with regards to web hosting and servers then you can visit sites such as, or you could just stick to ScanWriter if that is the only service that you require. All this and more, backed by Personable’s staff of qualified IT professionals so you can take advantage of the latest technology while focusing on your financial business.

Access to the newest full featured version of ScanWriter anywhere, anytime by multiple users:
  • ScanWriter and QuickBooks updates are automatically installed, so you always have access to the latest versions of QuickBooks
  • Use ScanWriter and QuickBooks without installing it on your computer
  • CPA’s and clients can access their books at the same time from different locations
Backed by the latest technology and the most advanced hardware:
  • Leverage on our server hardware to run ScanWriter and QuickBooks for your employees
  • Hosted on the latest Microsoft Windows server operating system
  • Windows Virtual Desktop for each user (find out more about Windows Virtual Desktop at PolicyPak)
  • Industry standard firewall software to protect your data
  • Eliminates need to add new hardware on the employee’s computer
  • State-of-the-art SMP processing servers
  • Instantly scalable storage for virtually unlimited storage space
Experienced staff of professionals, managing your IT functions:
  • Instant Virtual Private Network
  • Instant creation of secured private and shared corporate drives
  • Daily file back-ups
  • Advanced virus protection
  • 24 x 7 systems monitoring
  • Unlimited live and email technical support at no extra cost
  • Fully scalable network to meet your growing needs
Security of customer data both in-transit and when stored on our servers:
  • Confidentiality – Personable has implemented strict industry standard setting controls to ensure that only those persons who need access to certain information have it.
  • Availability – Ensures that resources will not be deleted or be made inaccessible. The inability to access a required resource at Personable by attack, international tampering or even catastrophic events has been minimized by careful attention to physical site security (similar to those offered by Seedboxco), redundancy, fail-over planning and comprehensive disaster recovery strategies.
  • Integrity– Ensures that information cannot be modified in unexpected ways. Loss of integrity could result from human error, or from unauthorized access to transmissions from servers to clients. 128-bit strong encryption is always applied to login information with an additional layer of proprietary security applied by Personable.