Personable takes pride in our customers’ full satisfaction. They make us who we are – a company with a proven track record of service and success. These customers say it all – Personable provides fast and efficient answers to your problems, too.

Software Users

Jerry Lomax, President, Key Solutions “We are very pleased with the service and capabilities of Personable. Whenever we have a problem or question, our concerns are taken care of immediately. And on occasion, when a particularly troublesome issue has been encountered, such as apparent software incompatibility issues, personable has gone the extra mile in working on the issue until it is brought to resolution. Thank you for a fantastic, incredibly reliable service.”

Andy Kennedy, Senior Accountant – “At Cottrill, Arbutina & Associates we have noticed two very favorable points (among many) regarding our service from Personable. Access and Use. We find that our staff and our customers feel very comfortable accessing the Personable server. The process is seamless and convenient. Likewise, the use of the site requires little if any instruction due to the fact that it looks, feels and functions just like a normal desktop environment. Thanks Personable for making this process so easy. We love it and our clients love it.”

Robert Weir, Owner, Robert A. Weir CPAs – “I have 3 or 4 new clients that I need to get the set up done. I am very pleased with the Personable hosting service. Customer support has been excellent, the quality of the remote desktop has been great, and my clients are all very pleased. The easy access from any location makes it very attractive to my clients and makes it easy for me to support them from anywhere in the world (with internet access)! I and (like I said above) I have several new additions to get set up today! Thanks!”

Phil Bergman, Vice President, Bergman & Associates – “I have been using Personable for well over a year. I have found their service to be efficient and very cost effective. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality ASP and hosting services.”

John from Miami, FL – “After doing days of research on the quality of application service providers to deliver some of our company’s software via the web, I found Personable, Inc. to be the best. One of the main reasons that I felt this way was because their sales people were straightforward and easy to deal with. With other companies, I had to run around in circles until I got the details that I needed out of them.”

Todd Day, CEO, Brainfoodmedia – “Insanely great and very cool! I still won’t part with my Mac though. Push this and let’s get to the next level on the Internet.”