Professional Data Entry Automation for Construction and Trade Professionals

Construction and trade professionals across the nation use ScanWriter to process invoices, bills, contracts, and more. Most construction companies normally have a set budget for their projects. Costs for materials, costs for buying supplies from and similar companies. For this ScanWriter will work well in tracking budgets and project expenditures.

The data entry software is also very useful when it comes to safety compliance and incident reporting to reduce the risk of accidents. It’s not just hiring costs companies will be documenting but also the ways they are being compliant with safety laws such as the danger and warning signage they have to make sure construction workers are aware of any potential hazards. While we speak of potential dangers at the construction site, it must be mentioned that the construction site managers and security guards could carry walkie talkies with them to communicate about any problem that might have taken place at the site. These precautions, when and if taken on time should keep everyone safe. Make sure to make a note of all the costs of this equipment.

Our construction industry clients are responsible for managing hundreds of documents for their association members and industry funds on a monthly basis. Financial data must be reviewed in detail and accuracy levels must prove 100% for every report, as members and fund contributors directly rely on this information. Prior to ScanWriter, construction professionals were manually entering data and spending over half their week on mere paperwork. ScanWriter has helped construction and trade professionals cut a month’s worth of work to only a couple of hours, total, with complete accuracy. As a construction or trade professional, you can now automate data entry with complete confidence, safeguarding your clients as well as your organization.

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“ScanWriter is a BIG timesaver. Entering bills is usually a chore but ScanWriter makes it more like playing a game…”Jennifer Lazarus, The Griffith CPA Firm
“It takes 5~10 minutes to upload. If I manually entered the transactions it would take an hour”Yen Ling Chen, CPA
“ScanWriter has made my life easier… I no longer need to spend hours doing manual data entry!”Eric Mckenzie, Meade Accounting and Wealth Management