Professional Data Entry Automation for Franchise Businesses

Personable Inc.’s solutions benefit businesses of all types.  Our clients are increasing productivity with 90% in time savings, maintaining data integrity with 100% data accuracy and overall creating more opportunities to grow their business. Automating data entry helps professionals fight fraud, maintain data security, meet deadlines and budgets, prepare data for deeper analysis, accelerate workflow and more. No matter what your business challenge may be, Personable Inc. is dedicated to finding you an effective solution.

  • Are you drowning in paperwork and overwhelmed by the redundant action of typing and matching data in QuickBooks, Excel or other systems? Try ScanWriter Excel Edition. If you use QuickBooks, then try ScanWriter QuickBooks Edition to help save time, increase accuracy and streamline your workflow.
  • Do you investigate or examine financial documents? ScanWriter Excel Edition can help provide a deeper dive into your data in half the time! ScanWriter features proprietary functions like source mapping and color coding to help search, compare and further verify data in an instant.
  • Would you like to set up a consistent document approval process with customizable stamping and editing, all while protecting the integrity of your source files? Try Workflow DMS and create a more team oriented environment with complete document security.
  • Do you need a virtual network to connect your workplace in and out of the office? Try our state of the art Hosting Services and enjoy your own personal IT team no matter where you are.


“ScanWriter is a BIG timesaver. Entering bills is usually a chore but ScanWriter makes it more like playing a game…”Jennifer Lazarus, The Griffith CPA Firm

“It takes 5~10 minutes to upload. If I manually entered the transactions it would take an hour”Yen Ling Chen, CPA
“ScanWriter has made my life easier… I no longer need to spend hours doing manual data entry!”Eric Mckenzie, Meade Accounting and Wealth Management