Professional Data Entry Automation for the Healthcare Industry

At Personable Inc., we understand that healthcare professionals are responsible for a vast amount of financial and personal documentation. Medical billing, medical records and facility specific forms are of some of the most commonly processed forms within ScanWriter. Healthcare facilities can now accelerate their work flow while protecting patient privacy and maintaining data integrity. With ScanWriter, documents are automatically entered and organized with confidence so healthcare professionals can focus more on their patients and less on data entry.

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“ScanWriter is a BIG timesaver. Entering bills is usually a chore but ScanWriter makes it more like playing a game…”Jennifer Lazarus, The Griffith CPA Firm
“It takes 5~10 minutes to upload. If I manually entered the transactions it would take an hour”Yen Ling Chen, CPA
“ScanWriter has made my life easier… I no longer need to spend hours doing manual data entry!”Eric Mckenzie, Meade Accounting and Wealth Management