Overview offers three Partner Programs for companies providing services to businesses to gain instant entry into the Internet application delivery market. Whether you are an ISP, a portal or a company that provides network services or business solutions to corporate entities, offers another channel of income from your existing and new accounts.

Why be a Partner?

Our goal is to share our success with our Partners. In addition to a growing software library with major office productivity and general business applications, our service is always evolving to meet the diverse needs of our customers who want to maximize their connection to the Internet. As the range of desktop services offered through expands, you have more options to offer your customers, and your commissions will rise with each new service subscription.

  • First to Market:
  • Partner with the leading ASP of shrink-wrapped applications to embrace the Internet’s newest billion-dollar market. Competitive Differentiation:
  • Offer your customers a true innovation in technology; a cutting-edge service that will set you apart from your competition. Create Added Value for Customers:
  • Give your customers tools to manage their computing and software needs more efficiently, offering a unique, meaningful benefit with significant perceived value. Residual Income:
  • Earn a percentage of your customers’ monthly fees. One sale can bring income for up to two years! Greater Exposure:
  • Be our Preferred Provider and you will be listed on’s Partner Page, making one of your referral sources.

Select a Partner Program for Your Company offers three Partner Programs for you to take advantage of the explosive growth of the ASP market. Click below to find out more about the Reseller Program that’s right for your business!