Case Studies

Personable Inc. (Personable) offers extensive expertise and experience in QuickBooks related projects. Personable has been helping QuickBooks users in many different situations to achieve business operation goals.

The following real life cases show some of the projects with different requirements that Personable has implemented successfully:

Case 1

COMPANY E uses QuickBooks Pro Edition to keep track of employee’s time and calculate employee’s payroll. Each employee on the field has many tasks to perform. COMPANY E tracks the tasks performed by each employee. And, once a week, COMPANY E enters the time spent by each employee into the QuickBooks Time Sheet with different hourly rates. There are three different rates: Regular, One and Half (1.5) times the Regular, and Two (2) Times the Regular.

However, after processing the Payroll, all the hourly expenses go to the Payroll Expense in general in the QuickBooks Profit and Loss report. They do not go to the accounts under Cost Of Good sold. These separate service Items of each employee’s service tasks, e.g. Meter Reading etc., need to be in the O&M account in the General Ledger account instead of the Payroll Expense account. What’s worse, to move the exact amount from Payroll Expense into the corresponding Cost Of Goods account will end with many tedious and time consuming manual procedures and data re-entries. Since there are many different service items which can be associated several payment rates for each employee.

COMPANY E wants to dice the employee’s hour rate very finely from the Payroll Expense account, and move them into the Cost Of Goods account. Then, COMPANY E can to track the Cost of Sales of the employees, after they have performed different tasks on the job. COMPANY E’s ultimate goal is to enter the working hours of employees into Time Sheet only once. The Payroll can be processed based on the Time Sheet information, and, the corresponding Cost times will be reflected in the Profit/Loss analysis automatically.

Personable has developed the new software program to achieve the goals successfully.

Case 2

Company O has developed the proprietary comprehensive operation software using Microsoft SQL Database engine with Microsoft IIS/ASP technology. The software is running in the Windows professional operating system environment. The Company O employees will enter customer orders; generate invoices, tracking shipments, and update payments data with this software. On the other hand, Company O uses the Intuit QuickBooks Premier accounting software to record and update bank transactions. The accounting department uses it to track customer payments, checks issued, customer account updates etc.

Company O wants to link its proprietary ASP interface, SQL Server Database to QuickBooks Accounting software. Company O wants to update QuickBooks with Customer and Vendor information as customers and vendors are added to the SQL database. Also, Company O wants to post AR & AP data from SQL to QuickBooks. On the other hand, Company O needs to update the SQL database from QuickBooks as entries into QuickBooks for AR payments received and as payments are issued for AP.

Personable has developed the new software module to achieve this purpose successfully. With the Personable solution, Company O employee will run the new software that links the SQL Database to the QuickBooks once a day, scheduled at midnight, to update and synchronize the data between the two software applications.

Case 3

Company A is a Sales and Use Tax service provider, and, would like to integrate her service with QuickBooks.

Company A has a COM DLL that processes requests through the internet to her service. It provides street address validation and transaction based taxes (primarily sales and use tax). The integration points Company A is looking for is as follows:

  • Address entry – any place in QuickBooks that requires an address to be entered.
  • Sales Document Entry – any place in QuickBooks that will generate an invoice and may require tax to be calculated. This includes invoice entry, sales order entry, and possibly job cost.
  • Purchase Document Entry – any place in QuickBooks that records the purchase of goods which is required for Use Tax calculation.

The integration process to date used by Company A has been based on events – as the user tabs off, or leaves a field or line, Company A will validates an address or calculate the tax. In addition, Company A have included visual elements, such as icons or buttons to trigger the address validation and/or tax calculation.

Personable has successfully developed two new software, “AutoAddress+” and “AvaTax ST”, to perform address validation and tax calculation respectively. These two new software work with QuickBooks in the Microsoft Windows environment to provide the interface to Company A server. The new solutions, developed by Personable, integrate Company A Sales and Use tax service application into Intuit QUICKBOOKS accounting software seamlessly.

Case 4

Company V uses QuickBooks Enterprise Edition to keep track of company’s financial data and produce reports based on the accounting information. Company V has been working on generating the reports for monthly financial statements. Company V is able to create a report that extracts the company’s monthly data and YTP data (January-Current month) for their actual results in the most current year.

To provide better information to the management, Company V needs to be able to extract the data of current year’s budget, as well their previous year results for the most current month and YTD. Company V wants to create the financial reports with both budget numbers and previous year’s data.

However, QuickBooks will only create the report with the numbers of the current year and can not get the budget and previous year’s result together. Besides, QuickBooks does not generate the reports in the format Company V wants. The YTD Income Statement generated does not have budget information. The Profit & Loss Budget Performance report is missing the previous year’s data for comparison. Company V needs to have the proper information put together regularly for management, and Company V needs to aggregate the financial information from different companies to present a whole picture.

Personable has developed the new software program to achieve the purpose. The new program automatically reads data from the QuickBooks database of each Company V company, and based on the user’s preference to generate Income Statement for each Company V company and aggregate the data from three companies into one report.