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SourceLink Eliminates Redundant Paper Flow Between CPA and Clients

Business Challenge:

Margaret Coleman, CPA started to use QuickBooks in her business from QuickBooks version 3.0 and it has been almost twelve years now. Margaret uses QuickBooks for her own practice and, furthermore, she is a QuickBooks Pro Advisors for small business accounting with a very diverse client base – from medical, construction, to equipment manufacture.

Paper work has to be sent by mail sometimes because some of Margaret’s clients are located remotely. Since Margaret has a large client-base, this turned out to be tons of documents going back and forth every month. Margaret has to go through these documents, make copies of useful ones and then store them. It is even worse that Margaret had to send some documents back to her clients!

Additionally, clients’ documents not only come to Margaret’s office in paper, but also as diskettes, zip disks or email. Under this circumstance, Margaret has to first print out everything into papers and fined storage to organize paper files. The whole process was so time-consuming that one day it just occurred to Margaret that she should find a document management system that could integrate with QuickBooks and solve her problem at once.

Solution: SourceLink

At first, Margaret was just interested in the Hosting Service for QuickBooks from Personable, because she found out her then (2002) ASP provider in Okalahoma for on-line QuickBooks services had serious security flaws in their system and could not be fixed by that time. Margaret started to use Personable hosting service for QuickBooks from 2003, and recently she found out that Personable also provides SourceLink, a document management system for QuickBooks, as Add-on software.

When Margaret started to try out SourceLink, she had a lot of questions on her list and a representative from Personable patiently lead her though an on-line demo session and answered every question she had in hand. A Personable representative answered Margaret’s questions from work flow, searching a transaction to link with files, to adding a “Hot Note” to a QuickBooks record. After all her questions had been answered, Margaret believes SourceLink is the best product which meets her need and decide to use SourceLink as her QuickBooks document management system.

Business Benefits:

Margaret is most impressed by customer services provided by Personable. Margaret has been in contact with many technical support teams in IT industry and “Personable is the one that can provide the most excellent customer service” says Margaret. She can always get the answers she needs in a timely manner.

SourceLink helps Margaret eliminate monthly paper flow with her remote clients. Now, she does not have to worry about receiving bulk paper documents, or printing out files or email from clients because every document she needs is linked with her QuickBooks records by SourceLink.

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