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SourceLink Is The Best Document Management System For QuickBooks Users

Business Challenge:

Shola Muyide is the Outsourced Controller and President of Accountiviti Inc, a company offers back-office online outsource accounting services to organization using QuickBooks Software and many other financial software suites. Shola is a Cerified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and a Certified Financial Software Consultant to many financial software suites and he not only uses QuickBooks for his accounting business but also provides small business consulting services to clients who use QuickBooks. He has used QuickBooks for his business since 1996.

Document management for QuickBooks is an important issue for Accountiviti since the majority of Shola’s clients are using QuickBooks and documents from each client for each QuickBooks transaction need to be kept tracked of. Prior to using a QuickBooks document management system, Accountiviti leverage an on-line storage service called CyberCabinet with their on-line portal and their clients can file their documents over the internet and exchange files with their CPAs. The downside is that whenever clients or CPAs need a document, they need to remember which files are related to certain transactions and upload/download to/from CyberCabinet. Although this solution provides a way to store documents but there is no integration between CyberCabinet and QuickBooks. If a CPA wants to find documents related to certain transactions, they have to keep track of this document-transaction relationship in order to look it up in the CyberCabinet .

Besides, CyberCabinet only supported limited file types such as pdf, office documents and QuickBooks Company files. Nevertheless, CPA may want to keep document in other format such as image file of check which client gave to them. As a result, Shola decided to find a better document management solution that can integration with QuickBooks with less restriction on document file type.


Shola gathered many QuickBooks add-on software information from Among several similar solutions, Shola found out that SourceLink from Personable Inc receives very good reviews from users and SourceLink can provide functionalities that other solution can not. For example, SourceLink supports image file and user can just scan in related information to a transaction. Furthermore, SourceLink provides large capacity of linked files and users can link up to 10 files or any number of files under 10 folders to a transaction and open each file by its native application.

Shola is also very satisfied with customer service from Personable. He can get answer he needed most of time and even if issues can not be solved right away, Personable customer service will always try to find best solution and get back to Shola in timely fashion.

Business Benefits:

For Shola, SourceLink expedites the process of resolving each client’s case. With every document related to transaction in record, Shola can easily track each transaction. By attaching source document to transaction, it can make clients more compliant by provide the proof of lack of certain documents from clients.

After extensive usage and comparison with other similar products, Shola believes SourceLink is the best document management system for QuickBooks on the market which just meet his need!

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