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Accountant Finds SourceLink Cuts Down on Paper and Has The Best Customer Service Experience

Business Challenge:

Kathryn Conk is an accountant and office manager of Ocean Futures Society. She recently stepped into her role at her company in order to “clean up” various accounting issues and invoicing that had been done in the past. Kathryn uses QuickBooks for her accounting, and she wanted to find a program that would help her organize all her files.

Because some of the accounting issues had been done incorrectly in the past, Kathryn is undertaking an accounting reconstruction project. This is an enormous task that requires a great deal of paperwork. She needs a program that will allow her to link such things as contracts and grants billings to certain invoices. Above all, she wants an electronic solution that will make the task easier and faster to accomplish.

Solution: SourceLink

Kathryn was desperate for an effective document management system, so she began to search the QuickBooks marketplace where she found out about SourceLink. Upon purchasing SourceLink, she first found it somewhat confusing to navigate through all the features; however, after overcoming a few hurdles she was confident that the program was extremely easy to learn and use.

Kathryn ultimately chose SourceLink because it was the least expensive, most comprehensive, and most productive product she could find. After having a chance to implement the program into her work, she would recommend SourceLink to others.

Business Benefits:

SourceLink has been a big help to Kathryn in her goal of finishing the accounting reconstruction project she started. Vendor communications have greatly improved, and her once difficult task is now much more “doable.” Kathryn likes to have everything on her computer, so SourceLink is undoubtedly the best product for her. With regard to all the paperwork that was involved with her project, Kathryn offered, “SourceLink definitely cuts down on paper!”

SourceLink can also make your business tasks more manageable and efficient in just a short amount of time!

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