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Customer Finds SourceLink Better Than Expected

Business Challenge:

Marty Jones owns and operates Design Pro, an embroidery and digitizing business. Like so many others, he too ran into the problem of too much paperwork and all the problems that can arise from having to keep track of so many papers. Before trying the electronic solution to managing documents, Marty used file folders and file cabinets.

He had tried several other document management programs, but none of them fit what Marty was looking for. In an attempt to increase efficiency, Marty needed to find a better solution to his problem of too much paperwork. Because he was using QuickBooks, he was specifically looking for an add-on program that would improve efficiency in the way he managed documents.


Fortunately, Marty’s younger brother was familiar with SourceLink and other document management software, so he recommended SourceLink to Marty. Once Marty discovered SourceLink, he knew he had found a powerful program.

So far, Marty has been satisfied with the program, and the software has benefited his business. Marty adds, “SourceLink was very easy to learn. Customer support was extremely helpful.”

Business Benefits:

Marty found such features as being able to email support documents very helpful. He was confident in saying that SourceLink improved efficiency in his business. Marty actually found certain features of SourceLink to be better than he expected. Lastly, the well designed and easy to use interface allowed Marty to understand and use SourceLink in a very short amount of time.

SourceLink is a powerful program that will satisfy many of your business needs!

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