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CFO Loves The Fact That At Any Moment He Can Go Back and Immediately Brings Up A Document From Anytime in The Past

Business Challenge:

Ibrahim Moussa is the CFO of IDM, Inc. Everyday he deals with a tremendous amount of paperwork. Also, he often needs to look at past records and invoices in order to reconcile his books once a month. He used to spend a great deal of time and energy trying to track down and locate past invoices. In order to accomplish all the accounting issues that the company faced, three bookkeepers were needed. This detracted from Ibrahim’s goal of maintaining price control. Other factors that also hindered the progress of the company were lack of efficiency and too much space being taken up to organize all the paperwork.

In the past, Ibrahim researched then tried many different document management programs, but he was not satisfied with any of the products. The big question was where he could find a reasonably priced, convenient product to satisfy his needs. Some of the programs he had tried cost several thousand dollars while others cost a few hundred dollars. However, in the end, Ibrahim could not find an effective document management software.


After an extensive internet search, Ibrahim came across SourceLink and decided to give it a try. Initially he only bought one license to make sure the product was exactly what his business needed. Within a couple weeks, Ibrahim fell in love with the product and now recommends it for every business that is looking for a more efficient and convenient way of organizing documents.

It only took him five minutes to understand how to use the program and implement all the features of SourceLink. Although he was computer savvy, he mentioned that a coworker, who is not as familiar with computers as himself, was able to learn how to use SourceLink very easily.

Business Benefits:

SourceLink was the answer to many of Ibrahim’s business problems. He especially loves the fact that at any moment he can go back and access a document from anytime in the past, and immediately bring up the source document that shows all the information he needs. Also, he enjoys the fact that SourceLink along with QuickBooks works extremely well with so many other programs he uses to conduct business affairs.

Ibrahim comments,”I was surprised by the convenience of SourceLink, especially for the price I paid for it. I no longer need an outside accountant.

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