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Client Case Studies

Architect Is Able To Backup and Pull Up Any Files and Email Them in Like 20 Seconds

Business Challenge:

Richard Prilop is an interior designer and an architect who runs “Design from the Inside out” in Georgia with a couple other employees. Richard handles various kinds of heavy workloads, and he started to grow tired of doing tedious paper work, locating and filing on a routine basis in a small business setting. On top of that, he couldn’t afford to hire an extra employee just to handle those tedious yet time consuming small tasks.

Solution: SourceLink

As a result, Richard’s solution was going paperless. Thus, he started looking for entry level paperless office management programs on the internet. However, he found that a lot of them were highly expensive, costing thousands of dollars, and he wasn’t interested in that kind of cost. As he was continuing his search for inexpensive applications that would help him in the areas of accounting and graphical file management, he came across SourceLink. Richard found a few application programs on the market, and part of what certainly caught his attention among other competitors was the batch scanning and turbo folder (creating its own file structure) feature within Quickbooks. SourceLink gave him the ability to attach information onto purchase orders, invoices, and bills, etc. He was also pleased with how SourceLink lets him scan in any documents for attachments and file them in assigned folders.

Business Benefits:

Richard found that SourceLink is a commendable application program that fulfills his needs. As an interior designer, SourceLink provided him efficiency and capability on the accounting side of his business and he can now better focus and spend valuable time on his interior designing. Richard is pleased that SourceLink prevents loss of files at all times; he never has to worry about losing any documents or going through the trouble and time finding them.

Richard claims that SourceLink saves a significant amount of time. He is impressed that with a small business server, he has information readily available both on his desktop and remote folder account, which anybody can’t do with a remote software. He is now able to backup and pull up any files and email them in like 20 seconds. Richard also mentions imagine how fast he can answer a client’s question with that kind of competence. Main benefits are on the back in and streamline workflow later on.

Richard was also very satisfied with customer service from Personable, Inc. He compliments the power of SourceLink and the company’s strong willingness and confidence working in the program. He was contented with the fact that he sees responsiveness, growth and constant improvements involved with SourceLink from Personable, Inc.

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