WorkFlow DMS

Features & Benefits

The Workflow Document Management System for QuickBooks®Using Workflow DMS, you can approve/disapprove and route your incoming source documents to and from different users within your organization. You can have a clear and detailed approval process trail. Also, you can verify any inquiries on the files by posting a note to the source document. You can maintain pending files and keep track of different stages in your workflow component. Analyzing the information and searching for files independent of QuickBooks becomes straight forward as the full wealth of detail is available electronically.

A Paperless Office Independent of QuickBooks

You can use Workflow DMS to eliminate the cost of filing, searching, and storing documents physically and create a paperless office through tools like document scanning. No more worrying about the file cabinets and keeping track of pending files. You will save a lot of time from filing and searching for the needed documents manually. The benefits of reduced operating costs for your firm can be passed on to your customers, which allows your services to be priced more competitively while maintaining high profit margins. Paperless offices also provide clients with faster service and increased customer satisfaction. If your company is looking for document management software, you may want to visit somewhere like to learn more.

Protection and Efficiency

Workflow DMS offers maximum protection, efficiency, and user-friendly features to manage paper files. Workflow DMS is the only solution to organize, route and control files outside of QuickBooks. Using DMS QuickBooks users have the ability to route documents through their Windows system. This solution provides a centralized workflow connecting departments by consolidating data. Individual staff will have their own ‘inbox’ and ‘outbox’. With a simple click of the mouse or by dragging and dropping, the documents are trailed to the next user. As a result, the documents are routed through a controlled environment along with proper documentation of the user’s responsibilities/roles in the process. Stamping. Users can customize messages or use the present stamps to edit the documents. Color, size and location of the stamp can also be determined by the user. Editing and Stamping are applied directly to the source file itself. Of course to ensure maximum efficiency you should make sure that your staff have all the correct office stationery that they might need as well!


Users can customize messages or use the present stamps to edit the documents. Color, size and location of stamp can also be determined by the user. Editing and Stamping is applied directly to the source file itself.

Add More Value And Better Service From Team Work

With Workflow DMS, accountants and support staff can trail source documents at various stages in the workflow process, and use online software to, for example, check 2 pdf documents for changes to make sure that nothing crucial has been omitted, or that any additions are necessary and appropriate. Workflow DMS is the groupware that provides the features to assist and improve teamwork. Your team can locate documents easily and, in turn, respond to the user’s clients’ needs quickly for better service.

Also, your team can also search and update electronic sticky notes to the different source file. These notes can be viewed by all who work are given access, and bring great communication between employees

The Key Features & Benefits are:

  • Accessible outside of QuickBooks
  • Windows filing system
  • Improved communication and document flow
  • Maintain file security and privacy
  • Independent search feature
  • Control document flow through multiple users
  • Editable PDF for added information
  • Built in scan feature with PDF merge/split
  • Create a paperless office and centralized environment
  • No lost, misfiled, and damaged documents
  • Electronic Sticky notes on file
  • Customize workflow process