Introduction to ScanWriter

ScanWriter® offers unprecedented Data Entry Automation features converting bank and credit card statements, bills, receipts and more into Xero entries in seconds!

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It supports over 30 Xero transaction types including but not limited to: Bills, Checks, Credit Card Charges/Credits, etc. ScanWriter automatically enters Vendor/Customer Name, Account Coding, Date, Memo notes increasing efficiency by 90%.

You will never have to worry about hiring new staff or compromising the integrity of your financial records ever again. Your data entry can be kept locally at your office while minimizing the cost of hiring, managing and training additional employees.

See Software Specs for ScanWriter’s Document Library of supported banks and credit cards.

**ScanWriter does not currently support handwritten documents.

“I use a lot of programs and ScanWriter is my most valuable one.”Elaine Pilkins, ECP Accounting
“It does the work equal to a week worth of data entry in less than five minutes.”Michelle Savoy-Jones, Savoy
“ScanWriter is a BIG timesaver. Entering bills is usually a chore but ScanWriter makes it more like playing a game…”Jennifer Lazarus, The Griffith CPA Firm
“It takes 5~10 minutes to upload. If I manually entered the transactions it would take an hour”Yen Ling Chen, CPA
“ScanWriter has made my life easier… I no longer need to spend hours doing manual data entry!”Eric Mckenzie, Meade Accounting and Wealth Management