ScanWriter Case Study


Company Name: Yen Ling Chen, CPA Industry: Accounting

Business Challenge:

Yen Ling Chen, CPA is an accounting firm with the responsibilities of bookkeeping, tax returns and compiling reports for their clients. The firm and their clients use QuickBooks for data entry. Their diverse client base ranges from monthly, quarterly and annual. However, the monthly clients are majority. Statements received range from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, American Express, East West Bank, and many more.

The staff of Yen Ling Chen, CPA manually entered transactions into QuickBooks and found it time consuming. One of their biggest clients has 200+ transactions on average and it would take approximately two or three hours to reconcile the month. Due to a large work load and many hours needed for data entry the firm would occasionally have to hire a new employee to help.

Manual data entries lead to mistakes and duplicate transactions. The firm was looking for a solution to save time and increase accuracy so they would not have to double-check the data after they had entered the transactions.


Yen Ling Chen, CPA has found ScanWriter to be the solution. ScanWriter automates the data entry by scanning in the documents and entering the transactions strait into QuickBooks automatically.

ScanWriter also eliminates the risk of duplicate data entry with its ability to check for duplicate transactions.

ScanWriter saves time from the revision and editing needed for manually entered data. With accuracy and efficiency, ScanWriter helps reconcile statements in minutes rather than hours.

Yen Ling Chen, CPA recommends Personable’s ScanWriter. She said, “Something that could save me time and more accurate so I don’t have to double check the work…is great and [ScanWriter] enters in the transactions for me.”