Welcome to our Help area. This is the place to find the answers for your questions. We have organized our Help into three areas of offered assistance in order for you to be able to find your answers quickly and efficiently.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: These bulleted topics under the Help tab on the Account Manager have pre-organized the FAQ’s into topics.
  • Search Frequently Asked Questions: You will be able to enter any text that you want to search for. This will search our growing database of answers and help tips.
  • “Support” hotlink located at the top of your virtual desktop: When you click on this hotlink, an email window will open and you may ask your question directly to our support staff. You can also access this same email form from your web browser on the menu to the left of our home page by clicking the “help” link and choosing “tech support”.


Specific Application support, such as support for Microsoft Word is provided by the manufacturer of that application.

Please feel free to browse through or search our Help. If you have any comment or suggestion about your virtual desktop, please let us know at

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