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Manage the workflow of your Business!

With the new SourceLink 2018 Management Edition, QuickBooks users can now use the rule- and or role-based approach to support auditable and enforceable processes that can apply directly to financial account management, credit management and fraud prevention.

Furthermore, SourceLink 2018 ME administers automatic detection of and response to potential risks. These risks include approval of required account receivable transactions, account payable entries, dormant accounts access or fraudulent transactions.

In short, SourceLink 2018 ME permits appropriate QuickBooks transactions and at the same time protects financial resources and improves the management of customer/vendor relationships.

The Document Management System for QuickBooks

Using SourceLink, you can file and retrieve your source documents to and from the QuickBooks invoices, purchase orders, payments, and any of the 26 different QuickBooks records directly. You can have a clear and detailed audit trail. Also, you can verify any general ledger posting by direct reference to the source document. You can maintain a complete record of your QuickBooks transactions. Analyzing the information in the QuickBooks becomes straight forward as the full wealth of detail is available electronically.

A Paperless Office of QuickBooks

You can use SourceLink to eliminate the cost of filing and storing documents physically and create a paperless office. No more worrying about the file cabinets and the storage of physical papers. You will save a lot of time from filing and searching for the needed documents manually. The benefits of reduced operating costs for your firm can be passed on to your customers, which allow your services to be priced more competitively while maintaining high profit margins. Paperless offices also provide clients with faster service and increased customer satisfaction.

Add More Value And Better Service From Team Work

With SourceLink, accountants and support staff can access source documents together instantly. SourceLink is the groupware that provides the features to assist and improve team work. Your team can locate documents easily and, in turn, respond to the user’s clients’ needs quickly for better service.

Also, your team can also attach and update electronic sticky notes to the different QuickBooks records. These notes can be viewed by all who work on the company file, and bring great communication between employees

The Key Features & Benefits are:

      • Approve ‘Other name’s and employee transactions
      • BCC Requests on approvals
      • Fully integrate toolbar
      • SourceLink drop down menu
      • Show Related Entity/Items
      • Drag/Drop linking feature
      • Enhanced Link from Outlook feature
      • Added SSL email connection to link from all emails
      • SourceLink prompt for ‘Deposit’
      • Search by ‘Paid’ or ‘Not Paid’ invoices or bills
      • Added ‘BCC’ self option in email
      • Save TurboScan parameters
      • Support multiple versions of QB concurrently
      • Follow source files from related transaction
      • Retrieve function to pull up SourceLink Window
      • Stop unauthorized check from printing
      • Rules for Customer, Vendor, and Journal Entry
      • Set up rules with conditions
      • Improve multi-user communication & document flow
      • Strengthen customer/vendor relationships
      • Respond faster to customer service demands
      • Improved information consolidation
      • Manage new business growth without increasing workforce
      • Ability to manage and retrieve source files directly from the QuickBooks Records
      • Drastically improve your audit trails and data integrity
      • Simplify compliance with regulatory mandates
      • Attach electronic sticky notes to any of the 26 QuickBooks record types
      • Avoid problems with misfiled, damaged, and lost documents
      • Secure your privacy of the attached files
      • Accomplish your tasks with a well designed and easy to use user interface


  • Our product and QuickBooks Financial Software work together to help simplify your financial management. QuickBooks Financial Software gives you the power to manage your business more effectively by providing you with fast, easy and integrated solutions to meet the needs of your business. QuickBooks and QuickBooks logo are trademarks of Intuit Inc, displays with permission.