QuickBooks Hosting FAQ

Q1: Can I rent QuickBooks instead of purchasing it?
Users are required to own a QuickBooks license.

Q2: What is an Intuit Gold Certified Developer?
QuickBooks Gold developers undergo an extensive testing and approval process to ensure that all of the applications found on Intuit Marketplace are quality software products that seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks. Please see Intuit Marketplace Certification for more information.

Q3: Can I log in from a Mac?
Yes, you can log into Personable using a Windows and Mac operating system.

Q4: Can I use it with dual monitors?
Yes, our hosting service may be accessed when using dual monitors.

Q5: Will my clients see my other customers?
No. You as the Accountant will have access to all of your clients; however, your clients will only have access to their files.

Q6: What if I am using different versions of QuickBooks?
Accountants can use multiple versions of QuickBooks at no additional charge.

Q7: Can I print on the server?
Yes. You can print directly from the server to your local printer.

Q8: What do my clients see when they log on?
Your clients will see a virtual desktop and their QuickBooks company file.

Q9: I want my clients to log in from my website.
Private label gives you an option to design your own login.

Q10: Who maintains your servers?
Personable’s experienced engineers maintain the servers.

Q11: Can I use QuickBooks Payroll on the server?

Q12: Can I use other 3rd party applications on the server?
Yes. Depending on the solution, there may be an additional fee.

Q13: How do I get support if I need help?
Support is available by phone and email.

Q14: How do I get my documents on/off the server?
You can easily copy and paste documents to and from the server.

Q15: Is the server backed up?
The data is backed up every day at midnight. An additional backup is performed once a week.

Q16: Is there an annual contract with your service?
There is no annual contract. Our service is month-to-month.

Q17: Is my data secure on the server?
Data is protected using 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, which is the same technology used by banks and online trading companies to protect data transmitted over the Internet.

Q18: What can I store?
You can store your QuickBooks company files and more.

Q19: How fast is set-up?
Set-up can take up to 24 hours.

Q20: What is the preferred web browser?
Internet Explorer, but you may use other browsers.